How SentryLogic uses "Cookies" with your browser.

SentryLogic uses cookies in conjunction with your browser so that you can easily move between different pages and even different sites without having to re-enter your UserName and Password for each screen.

You may have arrived at this page because your browser is currently set not to accept the cookie required for your use of SentryLogic.

If this is the case, you will need to change the settings for your browser, and then log in to SentryLogic again in order to proceed.

To Adjust your browser settings...

The exact steps and menu options to select for each web browser may vary, but they will all share the same concept of allowing you to set limits for the use of cookies. If the limits are set very high, then your browser will block the use of most/all cookies, keeping any information about your web session private. If the limits are set to low, then such information may be available to each web site you visit.

To use SentryLogic, settings need to be set only low enough to "allow only first-party cookies" or even "allow only session cookies". Check the documentation for the web browser you are using for detail on how to adjust these settings.

After you have adjusted the settings, close your browser, then open it again. The new settings should now be in place and SentryLogic will operate normally.

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